VAGMI USB – Rechargeable Flame-Less Cigarette Lighter

Colour Multicolour
Material Plastic
Style Modern
Item Weight 60 Grams
Fuel Type Electric


About this item

  • The latest version of electronic lighters. Windproof, double arc lighter, no gas, no flame, touch button, LED indicates remaining power, no trouble.
  • Safety:After the cigarette lighter is turned on for about 10 seconds, the smart electric cigarette lighter is automatically turned off. Rechargeable arc electromagnetic pulse lighter, using environmentally friendly, clean, low-carbon electric energy to replace the traditional gas and fuel energy, USB interface, rechargeable, recyclable, this product broke through the “charging cigarette lighter” only.
  • Can be used to open the limits of the cigarette lighter, the basic alternative to the traditional range of use of lighters, it can produce electric shock sparks to the human body, just need to contact the ignition spark ignited sparks can not produce harmful gases, No flame, safer, environmental protection.
  • Through the USB interface, can be connected to the computer, mobile phone charger and any output voltage is DC5V, the output current of 1.0A on the charger; a charge of 1.5-2 hours can be filled, charging red indicator light , Fully charged indicator light automatically shut down, fully charged can be used 100-300 times, can point 6 packs of cigarettes or use a week or so.


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