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History does not provide us with clear facts as to where Vodka was originated. Centuries old debate has people arguing whether it was created in 8th Century Poland or 9th Century Russia. While you scratch your heads on that, let’s dive deep into some of the finest spirits to sip neat!

Vodka one of the crowds’ favourites and a party elixir has Russia and Poland trying to claim it as their own. And can we blame them?

Out of all the spirits, Vodka is one that is best served and consumed neat! We all have fond, wild party memories where we famously down Vodka in one go. And as it is argued sipping a spirit neat is the best way to appreciate the crisp taste. What makes the gulping down of Vodka most appealing is the way it smoothly and tastefully gets consumed without leaving a bitter or unpleasant aftertaste. The Russian and Polish OG craftsmen have for centuries consumed the spirit neat and have maintained their tradition. To celebrate this tradition here’s a list of 10 Polish Vodkas you have to experience.


Here we have a vodka that is genuine and manufactured by spirits enthusiasts. The following steps are included in the Polish spirit process: After obtaining the rye, it is ground, boiled, and fermented. It undergoes five distillations and two mellow passes through a charcoal filter. It then reclines to

rest. Just that. As a consequence, you get clear, premium vodka that tastes great on its own and in drinks.


This Potato vodka advertises openly that it is made from “the manliest of all veggies” in an effort to appeal to men. Polish for “luxurious,” Luksusowa is a premium vodka that was first produced in 1928. The first step is to “crush the crap out of 100% Polish potatoes.” The raw spirit is then fermented and distilled through a single copper column, yielding an ABV of roughly 90%.

Additionally, they take care to get rid of fusil oils and pollutants. Finally, it is filtered and diluted to a 40% ABV with only the cleanest water.


John III Sobieski, who ruled the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1674 to 1696, is honoured by the name. Rye vodka is the sole ingredient in Sobieski’s standard vodka. It is solely made in Poland with premium rye and crystal-clear water. They create four naturally flavoured vodkas: vanilla,

raspberry, orange, and citron. Not only is this vodka of the highest quality, but it also has a history lesson.


Here is a company that puts a unique twist on vodka and deviates from the traditional definition. “We are distinguished from other vodka brands not only by our distinctive attitude, but also because we do not create any artificially flavoured vodka,” says Tadeusz Dorda, founder and CEO. We favour letting the quality of our vodkas’ ingredients speak for themselves. Potato, rye, and wheat are the three single-ingredient vodkas that Chopin makes.


Since 1910, Polmos Zyrardów vodka has been created in one of the oldest distilleries in the world, located in the centre of Poland. Each stage of the manufacture of Belvedere Vodka must take place on Polish soil and use locally sourced ingredients in accordance with Polish vodka geographical standards, which is one of the tightest production laws in the world.

Wyborowa Klasyczna

Award-winning Wyborowa is a candidate for the title of most well-known Polish vodka worldwide. It is a popular choice for weddings in Poland. Polish rye is used to make the premium bottle. Although Wyborowa is not the mildest vodka on the market in terms of flavour, it is pleasantly well-balanced.

Żubrówka—Bison Grass Vodka

Żubrówka is one of a kind. Bison grass, which grows in the Biaowiea forest, is used as an ingredient in the rye-based distillate. When blended, it tastes fantastic, but when left alone, it lacks all comparison. Its flavour is characterised as having a light aroma of freshly cut hay and a faint “floral taste.”


The vodka company produces a variety of flavoured liqueurs, including quince, lemon, and hazelnut, as well as “crystal clear” expressions. This honeyed Polish favourite is a sweet liqueur created with a number of nice herbs and honey. Not to be confused with the alcoholic concoction with soup and honey-spice.

J.A. Baczewski Vodka

Baczewski is the only player. It’s a legendary vodka that has been produced since 1781 and is one of the few vodkas made from potatoes. Baczewski is distilled using a unique recipe. Its smoothness and unique flavour are astounding.


Signifies “oak vodka.” It is a herbal liqueur made from oakwood and black elderflower. The flavour is a cross between sweetness and spice. With each sip, hints of vanilla and pepper are revealed.

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