How to drink Brandy?

Brandy is among the hardest of all the alcoholic drinks. It is the advanced form of wine. Brandy is strong liquor made from fermented grapes, peaches, apples, blackberries and pears. Brandy literally means burnt wine. It can be served right after distillation or can be matured a little longer for a darker taste, either way it’s sure to explode the taste buds.

There are numerous brandies available in the market as well as in the online brandy shops. One can savour the brandy in three distinct ways-

  1. Neat: Drinking brandy neat means it is enjoyed straight without any additional drink or ice or any other mixers. It is served in its raw and authentic form. It is basically for hard drinkers.
  2. On the Rocks- Sipping brandy on the rocks means having it with ice. Ideal for parties and pubs, brandy on the rocks sets the theme out there.
  3. In cocktails- Brandy can also be paired with classic cocktails. Because if its fruity notes it qualifies to be the right choice for cocktails.

Though these are the defined ways, one can have the brandy in any which way they want. Serving and sipping brandy is not just about pouring the spirit in the glass. It has a unique and intricate serving process which is as follows-

  • Bottled brandy shouldn’t be kept in moisture and it needs to be poured right after uncapping.
  • The right equipment to pour brandy is brandy snifters/inhalers for a premium drinking experience.
  • The immediate gushing of brandy in the wide bowls lets the aromas seep in through your nostrils and tap the heavenly abode in your mind.
  • Horizontally let the brandy flow through the snifter into the wide bowls. It allows the brandy to evenly fill the bowl every time.
  • The swirling of bowls can make the brandy warm and ready to drink.

The high quality brandies like Morpheus must be enjoyed straight. There are other brandies that you can find in online brandy shops according to your taste and preferences. When drinking the brandy neat you must keep the following points in mind-

  • Warm the glass with your palm. It will allow the molecules in the liquor to unfold and add up to the flavour.
  • Swirl and twirl the brandy in the glass.
  • The longer the brandy will be aged in wooden barrel, the richer the flavour profile will be.
  • Allow the smell of brandy to reach your cells. Keep it at your chest height first and then chin height second to sniff the aromatic spirit.
  • Start with taking smaller sips and then take larger sips.

Now that you have known the right method of drinking brandy, you must also know the different kinds of brandies. They are Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy de Jerez, Calvados, Pisco, Fruit brandy etc. Don’t forget to refer this article next time you plan to swill brandy.

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