Polynesian Pearl Diver

If you’re a fan of tropical drinks, you must have famously seen Leo Di Caprio ordering an exotic looking Polynesian Pearl Driver, enjoying a sip or two in the movie Django Unchained. This beautiful looking cocktail is exciting mix of dark rum, citrus juice, velvet falernum and gardenia mix – a special blend of simple syrups, honey and melted butter giving it a beautiful texture.

The famous origin story behind this eclectic concoction dates back to 1900s, created on a famous tourist beach bar by Donn Beach a bartender. An American who moved to Tahiti and opened a famous bar- Donn Beachcomber it is here where he got inspired by the pearl divers of Tahiti to make this famous cocktail. There are a lot stories which tell the story that gave birth to the Polynesian Pearl Diver, but the fact which remains is that this amazingly refreshing cocktail is still alive and kicking after years and years of it stepping foot on the scene.

1 1⁄2 oz Puerto Rican Rum
1⁄2 oz Demerara Rum
1⁄2 oz Jamaican rum
1 bsp Falernum, Velvet Falernum
1 oz Orange juice
3⁄4 oz Lime juice
1 ds Butter (sweet; see note)
1 ds Honey
1 ds Vanilla syrup
1 ds Allspice Dram
1 ds Cinnamon syrup

Blend and pour unstrained into a coconut shell or tiki mug; garnish with a gardenia

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