Types of Wine

When talking about beverages, one cannot miss out on wine. Wine has its own distinct place in the world of liquor. It is a premium form of drink made by fermenting grape. Not the commonly sold grocery grape but a specified kind of wine grape which is small, sweet, thick skinned and contains many seeds is what fuels the wine making. The wine grape can either be the white grapes which are actually green in colour or black grapes which are reddish or purple in colour. But the colour isn’t solely responsible for the wine. It’s also the geographical region, tannin level, and volume of alcohol, aroma and bouquet as well as the blended texture that builds the flavour of wine. Other than this, different wines are aged for different years and in the different kinds of vessels. The major factor however is always the climate.

Understanding various kinds of wine needs quite knowledge of how the color and consistency of wine changes with ageing period. Many online wine shopsoffer all inclusive varieties of delicious wine. The categorizations are as follows-

  1. Red Wine- It is made up of black grapes and it gets its red colour from the extended fermenting period of the grape skins. The prolonged skin exposure infuses tannins which can be felt while gulping every sip. All the bold red wines have a dry and astringent taste. Bold full bodied Red Wine can be paired with red meat or lavish dishes while lighter reds can be served with pastas and pizzas. Example – Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon etc.
  2. White Wine- White wine is made from both the white and black grapes. The takeaway here is that white wine is fermented without the skins, which is eventually is the reason for its pale colour and low tannins level. It has a crispy and smooth buttery taste. White wine can very well be paired with seafood, salty snacks or spicy dishes. Wine with a chilled tinge can make it taste fresh. Example- Pinot, Grigio, Albarino, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier and Semillon etc.
  3. Rose Wine- As understood by its name, rose wine has a blush or pink colour texture. This colour is developed when the syrup of the black grapes is fermented with the skins for a very short time like a few hours or a few days. It is low in tannins and hence contains a light, sweet flavour. It is a great choice for summer parties. You can choose your pick from different online wine shops in these times of lockdowns. It can be served with the light dishes like fish, chips, salsa, and cheese. Example- Proven, Rosado etc.
  4. Sparkling Wine- These are the carbonated wines and are made up of both white and black grapes. One such example is champagne, which is readily available for every celebration. In the fermentation process, carbon dioxide naturally occurs as a by product. It’s the presence of Co2 that gives it a bubbly texture. Sparkling wines can very well be paired with soft cheese, smoked salmon, shrimps, salad and popcorn. Example- Champagne, Cava, Porsecco, Lambrusco etc.
  5. Dessert Wine/Fortified Wine- These wines are intensely sweet and higher in alcohol content. They are also referred as Dessert wines and are usually served after a meal. Typically, fortified wines are distilled with an additional spirit usually brandy. These wines are served with chocolate, cheese, nut other desserts. Example- Sherry, Vermouth, Marsala, Moscato, Tokaji etc.

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  • Orange wine- These wines carry the characteristics of both the white as well as rose wine. They are made from white grapes. The maturing process of orange wine is relatively shorter so that the tannins are imparted in the right amount. The orange wine has dry and crisp taste. Example-

All of the above wines are a good choice for any kind of parties and gatherings. Hope the article helps.

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