Japanese Whisky Highball

There’s nothing basic about this drink, and rest assured it’s not just any of your average whiskey with soda. A brilliant summer, pre-dinner or a cocktail party drink, it’s much more than whiskey in a soda. Don’t let the name throw you off, as it may sound a fancy concoction and if you look at the details that go in the making of this crafty one it sure can be, but it’s made using two simple ingredients. Not to forget mentioning the meticulously cut ice cubes.

It’s a variation of the famous Whisky Highball which dates back to 1900s, which was initially made using Scotch Whisky and Soda, popularly called Scotch and Soda. Japanese Whisky Highball is a Whiskey Highball made using Japanese Whisky mixed with sparkling water or soda or a seltzer.

A sparkling bubbly drink made just how the Japanese like it in tall glasses, it conveniently lowers down your alcohol consumption while leaving you with a good experience of a cocktail.



2 Ounces: Japanese Whisky

Top it off with: Soda Water


  1. In an ice filled highball glass pour Japanese Whisky
  2. Topped off with soda water, disclaimer: don’t pour soda directly into ice
  3. Garnish with a lemon squeeze


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