Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned

Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned Cocktails are the majesty of sophisticated soirees and intimate gatherings. When it includes the magical twists of a distinct bourbon, the class of Old Fashioned cocktail shoots up to the sky.

Buffalo Trace is one such soul ingredient that bangs the palate of tipplers and compels them to explore the uncharted territories of flavors’ fusion.

Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned Recipe is a liquid  tale that explains the “maintenance of the legacy of ages-old tradition but with a modern transition.” Each sip will drag you to the classic era of old-fashioned cocktails but with a slight touch of innovation.

What makes Buffalo Trace capable of being a soul ingredient of Old Fashioned cocktails?

The well-known bourbon “Buffalo Trace” holds the caliber of binding the boozers with its deep aroma & flavors of oak, caramel and vanilla. Having signature ingredients, a rich history and distinct craftsmanship enhance the reverence of Buffalo Trace among regular drinkers and connoisseurs. Blending it with the traditional ingredients of Old Fashioned is no less than a classic show-off of mixology.

What are the companions of Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned Recipe?

Here are the key ingredients of Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned cocktail which tells an iconic tale of decades-old tradition.

2 ounces (oz) of Buffalo Trace bourbon –

Being a part of the selective or limited edition of Bourbons, Buffalo Trace has a larger portion of wheat. Its flavor profile comprises a remarkable spicy touch, a slightly woody aroma and a hint of less sweetness.

1 cube of Sugar or 5 ml/0.25 oz volare/simple/mapleĀ  sugar syrup –

To finely balance the spicy and less sweetening texture of Buffalo Trace bourbon, you must add a small amount of simple sugar syrup. If you haven’t prepared it before mixing the drink, use a cube of brown sugar.

2-3 dashes of Regan’s Bitters /Angostura/ Peychuad’s Bitters –

To develop cohesiveness among all the fused flavors, bitters play a pivotal role. Another significant responsibility of bitters is adding depth and complexity to the cocktails, especially the Old Fashioned recipes.

1 slice of Orange Peel –

A zest of citrusy aroma and flavor transforms the whole drink. Just a freshly sliced peel of orange adds a magical freshness and slightly oily texture to the drink. If you or the guests don’t find it favorable, feel free to skip it.

You can garnish the drink with a bacon strip and a small cherry.

Which equipment must be part of your small home bar for mixing Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned recipe?

A classic drink doesn’t go well with the regular mixing tools. Here is the list consisting of all the essential equipment.

  1. A good quality Boston shaker for mixing the ingredients perfectly.
  2. A Hawthorne strainer for preventing a bit from sliding into the cocktail glass.
  3. A bar spoon for picking the right amount of required ingredients and gently stirring the cocktail.
  4. A muddler (wooden) for finely crushing the cube of sugar.
  5. An ice tong for picking and putting the large ice cubes while mixing the drink.
  6. An old-fashioned glass for a better representation of the cocktail.
  7. A peeler (Y-shaped) for peeling the orange rind.
  8. A cocktail pin for tucking the cherries for the drink.

How does a professional bartender make a Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned cocktail?

There is an art behind mixing the flavors of bourbon, bitters, sugar and citrus peel to create an evocable cocktail story. Take a glimpse of the steps that a skilled and professional bartender performs to impress the guests in just one sip.

  1. First place the sugar cube in the rock glass and muddle it for a few moments. The large and uncrushed granules of sugar can destroy the texture of your drink.
  2. If you are using maple or simple syrup, directly add them to the mixing glass or shaker with other ingredients.
  3. Pour the desired amount of Buffalo Trace bourbon, sugar syrup or diluted sugar cube and Angostura bitters into the shaker and shake them for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Now strain the finely blended cocktail smoothly in an old-fashioned glass. You should place the strainer on the top of Old Fashioned glass and slowly pour the mixed ingredients into it.
  5. It’s time to flaunt your garnishing skills to tempt the guests. Take a slice of the orange peel and gently squeeze the peel over the top of the cocktail. The sprays of oil will infuse in the drink.
  6. Now rub it on the rim of the glass to tickle the palate with some citrusy flavor. Drop the peel into the glass after twisting it like a professional.
  7. You can place a cherry in the glass to add some excess sweetness to the cocktail. Another way to embellish the glass is, by tucking the cherries (one or two) in a cocktail pin and placing it on the rim of the cocktail glass.

Keep the glass intact for a few moments to get the ingredients to settle well and it is all set for banging the palates of your guests!

What are the handy hacks to give an extraordinary touch to your Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned Recipe?

To create a long-lasting impact on your guests, you must be apprised of the below-listed hacks.

  • Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned cocktail is not a quick recipe to mix. You must prepare it before the arrival of guests or serving hours and store it in the fridge.
  • Go with the simple sugar syrup instead of crushing a cube of sugar. The syrup uplifts the smooth texture of the drink.
  • The small and hazy ice cubes can cut the marks of your classic drink representation. You can place a large and clear ice cube in the old-fashioned glass which offers excellency to your cocktail display.
  • While adding the cherry to the old-fashioned cocktail, you must rinse them to remove the excess sweetness.
  • Stirring the old-fashioned cocktail for too long can make it watery while on the flip too little stirring can keep it unblended. You must follow the given time (30 seconds) for a good stirring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

Q – What to mix with Buffalo Trace bourbon to make the best Old Fashioned cocktail?

A – Angostura Bitters, Simple Sugar Syrup and a small touch of citrusy flavor of orange peel are good to go with the Buffalo Trace old-fashioned cocktail.

Q – What flavors does Buffalo Trace Bourbon have?

A – Slightly spicy, less sweetening and a hint of wooden aroma is included in the sips of Buffalo Trace bourbon.

Q – Why choose large ice cubes in place of small ones for old-fashioned drinks?

A – Large cubes keep the drink chilled for long hours and level up its look.

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