Holiday Old Fashioned Cocktail

Holiday Old Fashioned Cocktail

A holiday party lacks vibrancy & fun without the inclusion of an Old Fashioned drink. The classic version of traditional old-fashioned cocktails can be more exciting with some additional depth & flavors.

Specifically designed for the winter holidays, Old Fashioned Cocktail requires something more than the key ingredients. A spiced simple syrup uplifts the warmth of the Holiday Old Fashioned recipe.

The perfect balance among the sweet and spicy flavors & aromas of this classic cocktail will win the hearts of your guests. Here’s a complete guide for you to create magic and infuse life into the event through Holiday Old Fashioned Cocktail.

What are the main elements & their appropriate amount for mixing a well-balanced Holiday old-fashioned recipe?

The Holiday Old Fashioned Cocktail contains some similar ingredients to an ordinary old-fashioned recipe but a few additions create its unique profile among the praisers of Old Fashioned cocktails.

  1. 2.5 ounces of rye or bourbon. Choosing one from the variety of bourbon and rye solely depends on personal taste.
  2. 1 dash of original bitters to balance the sweetness of the added bourbon.
  3. 2 dashes of cherry bitters.
  4. 1 tablespoon simple or maple syrup as a sweetening agent in the old-fashioned cocktail.
  5. 1 teaspoon cinnamon-spiced syrup for adding warmth and flavored aromas to the cocktail.
  6. A splash of water ( approximately 2 tablespoons)
  7. 1/2 ounce of orange juice for adding some citrus flavors to the drink.
  8. For garnishing take some fresh sprigs of rosemary
  9. You can also add some charred peels of orange while garnishing the cocktail.
  10. Add one or two ‘dirty cherries’ at the end to garnish the cocktail

The amount of all the above-listed ingredients is enough to make a glass Holiday Old Fashioned Cocktail. To prepare more glasses you can increase the amount in the multiple of 2s.

How to prepare the simple spiced syrup or Cinnamon syrup for the Holiday Old Fashioned?

As explained above, the Holiday Old Fashioned recipe is an ideal choice for warming up the chilly days of winter. The compelling reason for serving this delicacy to the guests is the strongly aromatic and spicy flavored Cinnamon Syrup.

A quick view of the key constituents of simple spice syrup.

  1. Water – 3/4 cups
  2. Sugar – 1/2 cup
  3. Cinnamon sticks – 2
  4. Cloves – 4 to 5
  5. Fresh Orange peels – charred peels of nearly half orange

Process & Instructions to prepare a magical Holiday Old Fashioned cocktail –

It is similar to preparing simple sugar syrup for old-fashioned cocktails. Follow the below-given steps for cinnamon spice syrup.

  • Take the small saucepan on medium flame and add the required water to it.
  • Add sugar, cloves, cinnamon sticks and freshly charred orange peels to the pan.
  • Stir this mixture slowly until the sugar gets dissolved into the water.
  • Increase the flame and let the mixture simmer for nearly three minutes. You can also leave the mixture boiling until it attains a thick density.
  • Now off the flame and leave the syrup to cool. Do not take out the spices or ingredients from the syrup. They leave their natural aromas in the syrup.
  • After cooling, strain the mixture or syrup with the help of a strainer.
  • Pour it into an airtight container or bottle and store it for a month.

Which tools are needed for mixing the Holiday Old Fashioned cocktail like a paid player?

Having the right tools helps you measure a sufficient amount of ingredients, stir the cocktail and garnish it. Take a look at which equipment is required for finely blending the elements of a Holiday Old Fashioned Cocktail.

  1. Jiggers for pouring the right ounces of bourbon, bitters, sugar syrup and water etc.
  2. Cocktail spoon or bar spoon for stirring the drink.
  3. Mixing glasses or shakers to mix the ingredients perfectly.
  4. An ice picker or ice tong for picking and placing the large cube of ice.
  5. Strainer for preventing the small bits of unwanted elements from entering the final drink.
  6. Rock glasses or lowball old-fashioned glasses for serving the drink.
  7. A cocktail pin for tucking the orange peel and dirty cherries.

Recipe for the Holiday Old Fashioned Cocktail -:

A simple strategy to create a magical old-fashioned cocktail demands compliance with the steps followed by a professional mixologist or bartender.

  • Take the mixing glasses or shakers and add all the ingredients (bourbon/rye, bitters, maple syrup, cinnamon spice syrup, splash of water and sprig of rosemary) to it.
  • Don’t forget to fill the mixing glasses with small cubes or slightly crushed ice to chill the cocktail.
  • After shaking the mixture perfectly, muddle the rosemary in the mixing glass. It infuses the aroma and flavor of rosemary in the cocktail.
  • Now place a strainer on top of the old-fashioned glass.
  • Pour the mixture slowly from the shaker to the rock glass. The strainer will prevent the bits of muddled rosemary from entering the serving glass.
  • Place one large and clean ice cube into the glass. You can also use 3-4 small ice cubes in place of one large one.
  • Rub the rims of the glass with the freshly charred peels of orange.
  • Add one or two dirty cherries to the glass.
  • Keep one sprig of rosemary in the glass.

The Holiday Old Fashioned Cocktail is all set to serve.

Some handy hacks from the secret treasures of professional bartenders -:

Making the traditional old-fashioned cocktails wouldn’t be daunting if you are aware of these quick hacks.

  1. Avoid stirring the drink again and again, especially after adding the ice cube to the cocktail. Too much stirring will make your cocktail watery.
  2. Do not fill the glass too much with the small cubes. Place just one clean & large ice cube. It will keep the drink chilled for a long period.
  3. If you want to avoid excess sweetness in the old-fashioned drink and keep the spicy & sharp flavor of the cocktail unsuppressed, rinse the cherries before adding them to the glass.
  4. Do not squeeze or rub the orange peel harshly on the top of the drink. It can make the cocktail bitter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -:

Q – How can you store the simple spice syrup for a month?

A – You can pour the cinnamon syrup into a bottle with having perfect lid. Keep this closed bottle or glass jar in the fridge.

Q –  How long the cinnamon spice syrup works for the old-fashioned recipes?

A – One can use it for a month after the date of preparation.

Q – How to add rosemary to the Holiday Old Fashioned recipe for aromatic flavors?

A – You can simply muddle the sprig of rosemary on the surface of the mixing glass for the best outcomes.

Q – How much quantity of spicy cinnamon syrup is required for the Holiday Old Fashioned recipe?

A – 1 tablespoon of spicy cinnamon syrup is enough to add warmth and aromatic flavor to the Holiday Old Fashioned cocktail.

Q – Why use large ice cubes in place of small ones?

A – Small ice cubes melt rapidly and make the drink watery. To skip this issue, you should use one large ice cube. It also enhances the look of the cocktail.

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