The infinity Whiskey Bottle: It goes on and on and on!

This is a call out to all the Whisky Nerds. A bottle always filled with a mix of all your favourite whiskeys, one you can save and cherish or maybe even pass on as a legacy- now that sounds like a dream.

The Infinity Whisky bottles have somewhat over the years become a whisky nerd obsession. How it works is, you buy yourselves a beautiful crystal decanter just like the one shared in the image, and keep on adding the last of whiskeys left in your bottles to the decanter, keep on adding and adding until you have yourself an infinity whisky bottle. Upon a little dig into the Reddit section we found out different ways people make their own infinity bottles and also the different terms they use for it.

According to a 2012 video by well-known whiskey YouTuber Ralfy Mitchell, the infinity bottle (also known as a “fractional bottle” or “living bottle”) appears to have gained popularity for the first time. He rhetorically challenges the audience, “How can you develop something that is 100% uniquely yours?” in his thick accent. Is that a part of your past whiskey or alcohol consumption? That eventually turns into a family heirloom, right?”

He compares his experiment to the world of sherry, in which casks are fractionally mixed over time via the solera technique to create consistency, and his solution is what he terms a “solera bottle.” To keep track of the new whiskeys he added and when, Mitchell used an empty bottle from WhiskyBlender and attached a label to the back. He claims that an infinite bottle can provide “a taste that you just can’t purchase,” one that is significantly more valuable than the whiskeys used to make it. He also envisions a scenario in which descendants inherit solera bottles that their parents or grandparents started many years ago.

Some individuals, like Mitchell, are thorough in the way they construct their bottles, adjusting and testing before include each fresh pour. Some others opt to live dangerously, adding the last few ounces of every bottle to their mixture to see what happens.

The majority of people claim that you are free to create the rules for infinity bottles. Some individuals believe that you should only blend whiskeys of the same type; for example, if you start with a bourbon, only mix it with other bourbons. Others, including me, think that what makes these infinites intriguing is mixing and matching; putting bourbon, rye, Japanese whisky, and Scotch all in the same bottle.

Although whiskey—or Scotch—is the drink that is most frequently consumed, it is not the only liquor to have undergone the infinite process. In fact, a lot of people think cognac works best for eternity. Additionally, rum and gin experiments have been mentioned in these message board discussions.

The infinity bottle has evolved into a sort of handshake among seasoned whiskey lovers outside of Reddit. A more personal kind of hospitality is to provide a taste from one’s very own infinite blend; after all, a geek’s most prized bottle is frequently his or her own blend.

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