Although the origins of this one-of-a-kind concoction have been through it’s fair share of debates, the most widely believed origin story is that of Dick Bradsell, who created this in the late 1980s on demand of a British super model, who asked for something that would, “wake her up, then fuck her up”. Needless to say, it must have done the task as through decades it still survives. Coming close to the rendition of the famous Irish Coffee, Espresso Martini is a cold-caffeinated drink made with Coffee Liqueur, Vodka and Espresso. It’s served cold with a classic garnish of 3 coffee beans.

This boozy mashup will jolt you out of sleep and slingshot you to a brand-new day. There are not a lot of variations to create this modern cocktail. It’s as classic as a drink in the late 80s gets, it’s a testament to the time when all everyone was drinking was Vodka and the obsession with coffee culture grew.

Recipe: Espresso Martini


  • Coffee Liqueur: Kahlua – one of the best and most popular coffee and rum liquor
  • Vodka: Any of your favourite brand
  • Sweet Syrup: To bring down the bitterness of Vodka and Espresso , you can get one at a store or make your own by mixing sugar with water
  • Coffee: It’s advised to not use instant coffee for the best taste
  • Coffee Beans: Not necessary for taste but a classic Garnishing ingredient


  1. In a shaker, fill ice, add cold coffee, Vodka and sweetened Syrup
  2. Add the coffee liqueur or Kahlua to this mix
  3. Give it a good shake
  4. Strain the Espresso Martini into Martini glasses
  5. Garnish the top with coffee beans

A frothy, sweet, rich and smooth cocktail is ready!

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