Bulleit Old Fashioned Recipe

Bulleit Old Fashioned Recipe

The long-standing tradition of embracing the guests with Old Fashioned has evolved enough to gain traction. And the added variations are strong causes behind its prevalence. Even after fusing the flavors of authentic old-fashioned with a variety of new compounds, its one sip takes you back to the vintage era of classic Old Fashioned.

Among those all slightly twisted Old Fashioned cocktails ” Bulleit Old Fashioned Recipe” builds a bold profile. If you are in a league with boozers who fall for the strong & spicy flavor in cocktails, Bulleit Old Fashioned will fit ideally with your choices.

Which traits of Bulleit Bourbon make it the king of old-fashioned recipes?

Though only the two attributes of Bulleit bourbon create its distinct form, they are enough to bang your palate instantly.

  • The high rye content in the Bulleit Bourbon gives it a sharp spicy flavor.
  • Due to being aged in charred oak barrels, the smokey, spicy, caramel and vanilla notes get uplifted immensely.

With its medium amber color, aromas of spices, smokey oaks & distinctively smooth texture, Bulleit Bourbon turns the old-fashioned recipe into a masterpiece of the cocktails kingdom.

The elements of Bulleit Bourbon Recipe with their unique significance –

To tell the interesting stories of the decades-old recipe “Old Fashioned Cocktails” through your mixing artistry, make yourself aware of the right ingredients & right sum.

1 oz Bulleit Bourbon Rye

It will spice up the whole drink and add some bold aromas & flavors.

0.25 oz Angostura or Peychaud’s bitters

To dial down the excess sweetness of sugar or simple syrup in a drink, bitters act as a balancing ingredient. Bitters are a blend of herbs, spices and some flavored ingredients. In Bulleit Old Fashioned Recipe, use a light hand with bitters because a few dashes are enough to infuse magic in the cocktail.

1 teaspoon granulated sugar or simple syrup

A sweetening agent in the Old Fashioned Cocktail develops a fine balance with the sharp & spicy flavor of Bulleit Bourbon and Bitters. For creating a smooth, even and well-balanced texture in your cocktail, use simple syrup instead of sugar cubes or granulated sugar.

1 fresh lemon or orange slice

When we talk about Complimentary ingredients in the mixology, a fresh rind or slice of lemon or orange tops the list. It’s not just about aroma and freshness but also the extracted oil while twisting the peel over the drink. These sprays of aromatic citrus oil add a subtle flavor to the old-fashioned cocktail.

  • A splash of water for muddling the sugar cube.
  • 1 Maraschino Cherry for a beautiful representation of the Bulleit Old Fashioned.

What are the required bartending tools for mixing a perfect Bulleit Old Fashioned Recipe?

A fancy and timeless cocktail – Old Fashioned does not go well with the ordinary Kitchen utensils. Here are the essential tools that you will need to make this centuries-old cocktail.

Mixing glass with good grip & style

It’s an integral part of the professional or home bar utilized for blending the flavors finely without allowing air to enter it. The use of a mixing glass lessens the long stirring requirement with a cocktail or bar spoon. You must have a heavy and stylish mixing glass with good gripping quality.

A cocktail or bar spoon

For an even more smooth combination of the ingredients, you should use a cocktail spoon with a long handle. It goes to the bottom of the large mixing glass and prevents the splashes while stirring. The twisted-handled spoon gives a good grip also to bartenders.

A fancy strainer with wide coils

To avoid a single slip of bits including muddled fruits, ice and granules of sugar in the drink, it is essential to strain the blended drink from the mixing glass. Hold the strainer tightly and pour the drink at a slow pace.

A Wooden Muddler

If you are using sugar cubes as a sweetening agent in the old-fashioned cocktail, you will need to muddle the cubes perfectly. Muddlers made up of wood material provide a great grip to the mixologists while crushing the ingredients.

Old Fashioned Rock Glass

A cocktail doesn’t build its profile only by the infused flavors or ingredients but the presentation tricks the people as well. The rock glasses or old-fashioned glasses are the soul weapon of bar artistry. Short, squat and transparent old-fashioned glasses carry the legacy of this traditional cocktail.

What is the right way to make or mix the Bulleit Old Fashioned Recipe?

Want to make a signature style Bulleit Old Fashioned Recipe that remains etched on the memories of your guests? Follow the below-listed step-wise-step guide.

  1. Gather all the ingredients in one place to initiate the procedure of mixing.
  2. If you have picked the sugar cubes or granulated sugar for the cocktail, put them into the mixing glass with a splash of water and a few dashes of Angostura bitters. This is nothing but a sweet bitter base for your cocktail.
  3.  In case you are using simple syrup, directly add the desired quantity to the mixing glass with other ingredients.
  4. Take 2 ounces of Bulleit Bourbon and add to the mixing glass.
  5. Now stir this blend for at least 20 -30 minutes with the help of a long-handled cocktail or bar spoon. Avoid too much or too little stirring.
  6. Keep your old-fashioned glass in a chilled place and put a large and clean ice cube into it.
  7. It’s time to strain the drink into a rock glass or an old-fashioned glass. Fix the strainer on the rim of the old-fashioned glass and gently pour the mixture into it from the mixing glass. The finely blended bitters, bourbon, and sugar will fall over the large ice cube and build a smooth and chilled texture of the drink.
  8. After fusing the flavors, you can give a classy look to your old-fashioned cocktail. Take a perfectly sliced orange or lemon peel and twist it on the top of the glass. The sprays of oil will dissolve in it and infuse a citrus aroma into the cocktail. You can drop the peel inside the glass or skip it.
  9. Pick a cocktail pin and tuck a Maraschino cherry in it. Keep this pin on the rim of the glass or dip inside the drink.
  10. Place the glass intact for a few moments to settle down the flavors perfectly and it’s in a fit state to serve & say cheers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q – Is Bulleit Bourbon perfect for Old Fashioned?

A – Yes, the complex taste including spicy, sweet and sharp flavors pleases the people immensely.

Q – Why use simple syrup in place of sugar cubes or powdered sugar?

A – Simple Syrup blends well with all the other ingredients and turns it into a well-balanced smooth drink.

Q – Why large clear ice cubes are used by bartenders instead of small ones in an Old Fashioned?

A – It melts slowly and keeps the drink chilled for a longer period. Another advantage of using clean and large ice cubes is, that it enhances the representation of the cocktail.

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