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Smoked Old Fashioned Recipe - Liquor Trends

Willing to level up the glam of your date night or add a spark to the next house party? Smoked Old Fashioned holds the potential to greet your guests exceptionally. 

Being a signature cocktail drink, it doesn’t disappoint anyone. With a few special tools and some incredible ingredients, you can quickly make this fancy smoky drink. 

The fine blend of diverse flavors, aromas and a slight infusion of smoke lures the guests heavily. It could be yours,

  • Cocktail hour drink 
  • Late-night party drink
  • Drink before dinner 
  • Happy hour drink 

What are the ingredients for Smoked Old Fashioned Recipe? 

Making this magical cocktail demands some classic ingredients. Your perfection in blending all the flavors of below below-listed elements will take your guests to the 1800’s era when the Smoked Old Fashioned was documented for the first time. 

  • Bourbon or Rye Whisky (2 ounces) 
  • Demerara sugar or raw sugar (1 teaspoon) 
  • Splash flavoured water 
  • Angostura Bitters (2 dashes or 12-18 drops or 2/8 of a teaspoon) 
  • Orange Bitters ( 1 dash) 
  • Maraschino or Luxardo cherry (1) 
  • A slice of orange peel or a slice of orange 
  • Large Ice Cubes 

Not only the ingredients are enough to enable you to flaunt your cocktail artistry but the specific tools also play a pivotal role in it. 

Which specific tools will be required for Smoked Old Fashioned? 

As it is explained above, a smoky flavor is the soul of this recipe. To give a perfect finish to this classy cocktail, you need some additional equipment for your mini bar accessories. 

1. Cocktail Smoke Infuser – 

Instead of a cloche-style smoker you should utilize an over-the-glass smoker. The portability of the cocktail smoke infuser makes it even more handy to use and keep in your mini bar. 

2. Wood Chips –

Usually the wood chips come with the cocktail smokers. A variety of wood chips are available in the market ranging from oak wood to pecan wood to Apple to hickory to cherry etc. For the Smoked Old Fashioned recipe, oak wood chips act as the best complement. 

3. Cocktail Torch –

To create a perfect smoked cocktail, all you need is a Torch to light the barrel oak chips or oak smoking coaster. For refilling the cocktail torch you can place an order for Butane Fuel as well. 

4. Rock Glass

A short tumbler with a thick base is called rocks or rock glass in a bar accessory collection. Unlike the old-fashioned cocktail glasses, rocks or rock glass offers you the advantage of fitting the cocktail smoking apparatus. These are preferably used for Old Fashioned cocktails like Smoked Old Fashioned Recipe. 

5. Large Ice Cubes –

 To keep the classy drinks chilled for longer, a skilled mixologist always prefers large ice cubes to the standard ones. These 2 by 2-inch cubes not only benefit in chilling but ensure that your cocktail will look classy. You can use square or circular molded large cubes for a Smoked Old Fashioned cocktail. 

6. Cocktail Spoon – 

For adding the ingredients in perfect measurement and stirring the added flavors altogether, you must have a professional cocktail spoon in your mixology set. The most significant use of a cocktail spoon in making a Smoked Old Fashioned Recipe is fishing out a Luxardo or Maraschino cherry. 

What are the right instructions for making your Smoked old-fashioned recipe over the top? 

The smoky flavor of the Smoked Old Fashioned cocktail knocks the drunkards heavily. Hence no better way to make it praiseworthy than mastering the smoking technique. 

Adding smoke two to three times will be enough to blend or infuse it into the added ingredients for a long-lasting impact. 

  • After placing the demerara sugar or raw sugar and adding bitters to the lowball glass, you can add cocktail cherry and a slice of orange or orange peel to it. Now comes the very first smoking time. Use the cocktail smoking tool and smoke the glass for 2 minutes. Cover it with the glass pitcher and release the smoke after a few minutes by displacing the pitcher. 
  • To enhance the smoky flavor in the cocktail recipe you need to give a booster smoke doze to the glass again for 2 minutes. Cover the glass for a few moments with the glass pitcher. 
  • Now it is time to make the final drink. Start by removing the slice of the orange peel and luxardo cherry. Place sugar cube, water and bourbon whisky in the glass and mash it with a wooden spoon or a muddler. 
  • Place a large & clear ice cube in the glass and swirl it gently to combine each added ingredients perfectly. 
  • Now, for the last time, you can again add smoke to the prepared cocktail to give it a final touch. Infuse the smoke again for 2 minutes and present it to the guest. 

For smoking, you need to place the cocktail smoker on the top of the glass, fill it with the barrel oak chips and light them with a torch. To give it a more professional look you can garnish the drink with a small slice of orange peel & luxardo cherry. 

What magic does the smoke add to this ages-old classy cocktail? 

Smokes add a tantalizing aroma to the cocktail and enhance the smoky flavor of the bourbon whisky to its maximum extent. The representation of the drink goes top-notch after infusing flavored smoke into it. 

Tips to make your Smoked Old Fashioned recipe indelible for the guests -:

A slight touch of wittiness while mixing & blending the ingredients can uplift the flavors as well as the showiness of the cocktail. 

  • Instead of cloudy textured large ice cubes, use the clear ones. 
  • Perfectly smoking the orange peel can infuse its natural oil into the drink. 
  • Use top-notch quality bourbon and bitters without sacrificing their required quality and quantity in the Smoked Old Fashioned recipe for a demanded outcome. 

Trust us this recipe will spice up your whole event. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – 

Q – What are the best Burbons for Smoked Old Fashioned Recipe? 

A – Woodford Reserve double-oaked bourbon is best for the Smoked Old Fashioned recipe. 

Q – What are the best bitters for the Smoked Old Fashioned recipe?

A –  Scrappy’s Bitters and Hella Cocktail Co are two frequently picked choices of bitters for old fashioned. 

Q – What kind of wood is used in smoking the old-fashioned recipe? 

A –  Hickory, Oak, Cherry and Alderwood are the most used wood chips for this. 

Q – Why flaming the orange peel is useful in making smoked old-fashioned cocktails? 

A – It releases its natural oil in the cocktail that enhances the aroma & flavor of the drink. 

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