Woodford Reserved Old Fashioned Cocktail

Woodford Reserved Old Fashioned Cocktail

Undoubtedly the evergreen old-fashioned cocktails hold down the legacy introduced back then in the early 1900s. Though the finest way to delight in the fusion of flavors of an ages-old Old Fashioned Cocktail is to stay authentic, the twists do magic nowhere less than your expectations.

Old-fashioned enthusiasts leave no opportunity to twist the theme by adding variations and one such highlighted element of this specifications is Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Cocktail.

Making the classic old-fashioned with an outstanding bourbon Woodford Reserve Bourbon will trick your guests with a bold yet smooth taste.

What properties does Woodford Reserve Bourbon hold that lift the Old Fashioned cocktail?

Woodford Reserve bourbon is idyllic to make the sole ingredient of your old-fashioned drink if your palate enjoys the bold & sweet flavors. The great combination of honey, apricots and chocolate gives sweetening notes while the slight touch of oak, cherries and cinnamon spice balance it with a hint of spicy flavors.

What are the prime ingredients of Woodford Reserved Old Fashioned Cocktail?

To create a fine fusion of sweet and spicy cocktails, the apt ingredients in apt amounts are necessary.

  • 2 ounces of Woodford Reserve
  •  1/2 ounces of Demerara Sugar Syrup
  • 3 dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters
  • 2 dashes of Angostura orange bitters
  • 1 jigger water
  • 1 or 2 slices of orange peel for garnishing your cocktail
  • 1 cherry for garnishing

Which professional mixing tools will you require to prepare a classy Woodford Reserved Old Fashioned Drink?


To pour the exact ounces of bourbon and other ingredients in we’ll measured amounts, you must take the help of jiggers.

Rock Glass

For giving a classy look to your cocktail and impressing your guests, rock glasses become the soul of your mixing artistry.

Mixing glasses

The finest blend of all ingredients enhances the look and taste of old old-fashioned cocktail. Well,  it’s only possible through a good pair of mixing glasses.

Cocktail spoon

To stir the drinks gently, instead of regular ones you must pick the fancy cocktail spoon.


For trapping the pulp and ice mixed or utilized in the cocktail, three different kinds of strainers are available in the market that are ideal for mixing.

Citrus Peeler

In the end, the garnishing elements add a hint of showiness to the classic old-fashioned cocktails. Here you will need a peeler for adding orange peel slices to the drink.

How to mix the Woodford Reserved Old Fashioned Cocktail like a professional bartender?

No doubt mixing the cocktails and leaving your guests stunned right after the first sip is an art. Following the right recipe will turn you into the master of mixing Woodford Reserved Old Fashioned Cocktail.

Take a glimpse of below given steps.

  1. The very first step is to add the demerara sugar and water to the rock glass. Stir this mixture till the sugar dissolves in water perfectly.
  2. Now add 3 dashes of aromatic Angostura bitters to it.
  3. Put 2 dashes of Angostura orange bitters in the rock glass.
  4. It’s time to pour the 2 ounces of soul ingredient Woodford Reserved Bourbon into the rock glass.
  5. Add some water to maintain the perfect consistency of the cocktail and stir it smoothly.
  6. Place a large clean ice cube into the glass to gradually chill the entire blend of ingredients.
  7. For a citrusy flavor and aroma in this old-fashioned cocktail, take a peel of orange and gently twist it over the top of the rock glass. The oily sprays of orange peel will be infused in it. Now rub the peels on the rim of the rock glass to make the cocktail even more aromatic.
  8. Take a Maraschino or Luxardo cherry for a more fancy representation of a cocktail. You can tuck one or two cherries in the cocktail pin or simply dip in the drink. To avoid the excess sweetness of cherries, rinse them with water before using.

Keep the drink intact for a few moments and it’s all set to serve and say cheers!

Why swap the regular white sugar with demerara sugar?

Cocktails are not just a fusion of flavors to sip once & forget but a character to remember for a lifetime. Well, to build a character you can’t go with ordinary elements. In Woodford Reserved Old Fashioned cocktail, the minute yet detailing ingredients like expensive Demerara Sugar add a catch.

The light golden and large crystals of Demerara Sugar infuse a depth to old-fashioned cocktails. Another trait of this specific sugar is, that it’s less refined than regular white sugar. Its toffee-flavored aroma and taste enhance the overall spirit of classy cocktails.

Demerara sugar comes in both forms, cubes and granulated powder. It solely depends on the demand for the drink, what will go well with it, cubes or granulated powder?

Tips by professionals to level up your Woodford Reserved Old Fashioned Cocktail -:

Knowing the golden rules of mixing a drink is key to warm the souls of your guests. Here are a few unavoidable tricks and techniques, you must apprise yourself of.

  • Stirring the cocktail after adding each ingredient is mandatory. It ensures the fine dissolution of flavors. But you must know that, too much stirring or a little less stirring, can unbalance the whole drink. On one hand, less stirring makes the cocktails dense or thick while on the flip too much stirring can make the whole drink watery.
  • Substituting the regular-shaped dense ice cubes with large crystal clear ice cubes creates a great difference. It melts gradually and keeps the cocktail chilled for long. Another advantage of using large & clean cubes is, the look of Old Fashioned becomes upgraded instantly.
  • After adding the large ice cube to the rock glass, do not stir the drink. It will cause the breaking of the ice in the cocktail and make air bubbles in the drink.
  • Do not forget to pour at least one teaspoon of water into the Old Fashioned cocktail as it brings out the best flavor of bourbon.
  • If the added sugar is unable to dilute in the bitters or water, muddle them nicely with the help of a muddler. The granules of sugar in the cocktail will destroy its smooth texture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q – Why Woodford Reserved Bourbon is ideal for an Old Fashioned cocktail?

A – The perfect balance between the sweetness of corn and the spicy flavor of rye makes it an ideal base for any old-fashioned cocktail.

Q – How much quantity of Woodford Reserved bourbon is sufficient for a well-balanced old fashioned cocktail?

A –  2 ounces.

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